Angel Healing Meditation Virtual Offering!

Join me as we get grounded, relaxed, restored and call in high vibrational healing energy! This is a virtual event! Every Tuesday till Dec.21st at 6pm EST $15 through The Spirit University. See you there there! Register in link above!

Sun Meditation for healing

May this meditation help you wherever you are at on your journey! Please feel free to follow my youtube channel for more meditations and follow me on instagram @meditationwithbridgetm . I’m also on facebook- Bridget McMullen! I would love to assist you on your meditation journey. Namaste! πŸ™

How are YOU healing?

Most of us always start a conversation the same, right? “How are you doing?” Or “How are you feeling?” I was meditating this morning and then this came to me; “How are you healing?” Most of us on this planet are healing and recovering from either the past year and a half (pandemic trauma), physical illness, childhood trauma, mental/emotional illness and/or general everyday stress! If you are reading this, you are healing from something. In an age where we are constantly dealing with judgement from others, step back and just remember we are all working through, been through and living through some challenging times. We must take care of ourselves. How are YOU healing? Do something everyday that brings joy into your life. Turn off the news, stay off of social media for a bit, get out in nature, move your body, listen to your favorite music and try to laugh each day! We are so busy, one might say, “I don’t have time to these!” I would say before you get on social media each day, do a self care checklist! Give yourself 5 minutes of healing everyday before anything else! One of the ways I have worked on my own healing journey is through meditating. Meditation has helped me work through my own anxiety, helps me sleep better, and most of all has opened a beautiful connection to the world around me. I’ve become more aware and mindful of others, animals and issues on our planet. Each human on this planet has their own path and journey. Find something that will help you work through any of life challenges that may come your way. If you’re looking to start a meditation practice or ready to change up your current practice, feel free to contact me! I will be offering in person sessions at #wildgingerapothecary in the #sarasota #florida area starting June 3rd 2021! I am also available for zoom sessions! #namaste Please feel free to follow me on instagram @begrateful73 Thank you so much for reading! Happy Healing!

There is always a way…..

There is always a way to find growth and healing through the darkest moments in one’s life. During these dark times, stop for a moment and appreciate the opportunity that the universe provides for you to shed a layer in your soul that you no longer need. Let go of the heaviness, the guilt, the fear and pain. You will grow, you will heal. You will keep shining your light…. Let go. Ask, believe and be ready to receive! What do you want? What brings you peace and feels like home? The new earth energy is here and is clearing what no longer serves for everyone. EVERYONE. Be at peace and get excited for all the joy that is on its way to you now! And so it is! It is done. It is done. It is done. If you are reading this now, you have been guided to this message and I send you so much love and healing your way. May we all raise the vibration together ! Thank you for reading! Please follow me @begrateful73 on instagram πŸ™πŸŒˆπŸŒŽπŸ’œ