It’s a marvellous night for a moon dance.


Surrender β™Ύ

2019 is here! 2018 was an enormous transformative year for many and myself included! So many changes, lessons, shifts and opportunities. 2018 was full of love, fun, tears, struggle and unexpected changes and some expected changes. The universe is so powerful with its plans for us, isn’t it? We set intentions, pray, manifest and speak our dreams and goals into existence everyday. Even if you don’t meditate, pray or claim that you don’t, you do! If you are thinking about something or someone, my dear soul, you are manifesting. 🌠 So, ok then….we are always setting our intentions and now what?
I have blogged about allowing, trusting and surrendering to the universe before, but I may not have really, truly understood what all that meant till November 2018. That old, fear based energy returned and “tried” to derail my plan, my manifestation that had come to fruition, my peaceful path. I apparently needed to revisit that I need to TRUST. I need to have FAITH. I need to take better care of myself, that I am perfect as is. I needed to revisit self care and self love again. I needed to let go of controlling all the little details along my path. I needed to completely surrender. Surrender the details of how complications work out. Surrender to the shift in my intimate relationship with my significant other. Surrender to the fact that universe was shaking almost every little detail and part of my life to get me back on track. I surrendered. Message received! My life was mirroring the energy stirring up inside of me. It was time. I pressed the reset button. I surrendered. Since December 2018, I don’t worry about the details anymore. I just remember that things will work out how they’re supposed to. I focus on what I desire and the people, things and places that make me feel good, loved and at peace. Remembering the fact that if I’m not already at peace within myself, that the people, places and things that I love won’t bring me happiness, unless I’m already at peace. I’ve learned to stop running away and quitting when situations get rough and “things” are not working out the way I “planned”. Yes, we create our reality, but the universe will always make sure everything is working out for the higher good for all! Again..just surrender! As the saying goes, the lesson will keep repeating until it has been learned. So I guess this blog post is my way to share that my new years resolution is to surrender! I surrender to all that 2019 has planned for me! πŸ™πŸŒ  I am ready!Thank you for reading.
Love and Light πŸŒ πŸ’œβ™Ύ

How to Use Carl Jung’s Shadow Work Process for Rapid Personal Growth

I never like to “blame” the current retrogrades or eclipse season when my shadow self likes to emerge, but I’ve been reading many posts on people struggling with the same issues as myself in recent weeks. I’ve been searching for assistance and thought I’d share this blog post on what I think will help me! Love and light to you all and here’s to allowing us to be compassionate with one another while we all work through change and emerge to even more loving and evolved humans! πŸ™πŸ’œβ™Ύ

5 Common Ways Of Transmuting Emotional Energies : Cosmic Starseeds

I had a really challenging day yesterday. I was triggered with some past issues and was angry and irritated all day and for silly reasons! I tried all my usual ways to ground myself. So I find myself this morning searching for help…..after this, Im going to go meditate out in nature πŸ™‚ How do you get out of a yucky mood?!

When was the last time you wrote someone a letter? β™Ύ

I probably have not written a letter in years! I’ve sent holiday, birthday and thank you cards, of course! What I mean you actually gather paper, or favorite stationary, the perfect pen or pencil. You go buy envelopes and not just to mail your bills out! Now that I think about it, most of us pay our bills on apps or online! Envelopes? What are those?!? Haha! Next, you actually have to go buy stamps. I honestly cannot remember the last time I bought a book of stamps!

So, you’re probably wondering what’s this blog about letters all about? Well, I wrote my first letter in about 8 years last month. The letter was composed to my son who is currently on his sixth week of basic training in the Air Force. It has mostly been our only way to communicate since he is not allowed to use his cellphone. In a world where we usually can instantly message someone or email them, letters have been the main way to chat with him. Ive had to wait weeks to hear from my son and it’s been quite an eye opener and inspired this blog. I feel like the art of letter writing is lost.

Now, maybe some of you reading this write letters plenty! The truth is from this point on, I’m going to make an enormous effort to continue writing. I feel like by writing a loved one or a friend a letter, you can dig deep into your emotions and really express an idea or message that maybe you normally would not through texting. Let’s face it, texting and messaging have become a little impersonal and too easy. (I’m guilty of this too, y’all)It takes effort to sit down and write, get your writing supplies together, make sure you have the correct address on it (if you have a loved one in the military, you know how long those can be! πŸ™‚ ) The art of letter writing is truly a labor of love and takes effort.

The best part of sending/giving letters is that you may receive one back! I have never in the past 8 years, get so excited to check my mail daily!!! My son is super busy at basic training, but he has sent me a few letters and they truly have been the best gifts ever! I’m saving every single one! They are so precious and I can feel his energy and it fills my soul up and gets me through the day knowing we are another day closer to seeing him!

Who would you love to receive a letter from today? Who would you write to? Do it!

It’s interesting because I’ve found that writing my son letters has become a form of meditation for me. It’s become part of my daily routine. I look forward to it everyday and then walking it down to the post drop by 4:45pm to make sure it goes out that day. I’m so happy that my other son and family members have joined in on the letter writing as well. One of the letters that my son sent me stated how much he appreciates the mail and that it’s one of the best parts of his day!!! Even my mom sent me stamps as part of my birthday gift recently as she is aware how important the letters have become to me. Thank you, Mom πŸ’œ

I hope this may inspire you to write letters! After all, we are here in the blogger world together and it’s just an extension of writing and expressing our inner thoughts, but just to one person instead! Thank you for reading and sending you all love and light! πŸ™πŸ’œβ™Ύ