Ground yourself in less than 5min with this mantra!

I am present
I am protected
I am safe
I am grounded
I am grateful for (name 3 things you’re grateful for!)

Trust the universe
Trust the path
Everything is ok and everything always works out for me.
I am on the perfect path and nothing to fear or worry about!!!
I am at peace! πŸ’œβ™Ύ

What mantras do you use for grounding? Would love to hear your suggestions.

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Author: Bridget M.

I am a mom to two amazing young men and a magical cat, Luna! I'm here to serve the universe by helping others find their light. I am a Seraphic wisdom practitioner and Meditation guideπŸ’œ You can join me for in peron meditation throughout the Sarasota FL area and I have virtual offerings as well! Follow me on Instagram @meditationwithbridgetm

21 thoughts on “Ground yourself in less than 5min with this mantra!”

  1. Hi dear Bridget,
    thank you for connecting. You have a beautiful blog.

    Although grounding meditations may not seem so profound , but in deed they are πŸ™‚
    They make us realize that we are here and we are aware of being here and now meditating.
    I think it is essential for actually being able to integrate the higher conscious experiences so that they can be a part of us going forward.
    Otherwise one can become like a balloon without an anchor and float away. Here is another interesting example for the importance to be grounded. …even while sleeping πŸ˜‰
    What do you think about the video (it is a docu about grounding/earthing , but very entertaining too πŸ™‚
    Many blessings, Andreas

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  2. I can contribute an excellent visualization. Its bascs were taught to me when I was apprenticed to Cerridwen Fallingstar, and over many years of use I’ve added a poetic embelishment or two. I’ve found it to be a great one for people like me, who have trouble staying grounded, because it gets us all the way to the center of the Earth.

    Way Grounded

    Down through the floor
    Down through the pavement
    Down through the topsoil
    Down through the hardpan
    Down past the bones and pots of the ancient civilizations
    Into the underground water
    To the rock beneath
    Looking for the tiniest cracks
    Pushing, squirming, wiggling
    Free! To drop
    Into the crystal caves, then
    Even beneath these the
    Huge red hot heart
    Of the Mother
    Gathering Her energy we go
    Up through the crystal caves
    Up through the rock blasted
    Out of our way
    Up through the underground water
    Now turned to guysers of steam
    Up past the bones and the pots
    Aiay, Mothers!
    Up through the hardpan
    Got this
    Up through the topsoil
    Up through that rotten
    Eggshell of pavement
    Up through the floor
    And back into the body
    Fully stabilized
    Fully energized
    Fully inhabiting
    The tips of each finger
    And looking
    Not through the forehead
    But directly
    Through the eyes

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  3. Howdy, I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award. It’s a bit like a chain email thing, but in a good harmless way. It’s not compulsory so don’t worry if you aren’t interested. You can read more about it on my latest blog post:)

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  4. I often like to use a visual: I imagine roots growing out of my feet, and if I’m sitting down, my pelvis, too. I imagine that these roots connect me to the earth, and that I may release everything that I have gathered into the earth, and ask that whatever is ready to be released may leave me, and trust that whatever is still meant to be with me will return at the right time. At the same time I also imagine how the earth nourished me through these roots. I always end by thanking the earth for taking care of everything I entrust her with and for nourishing me. Now that I am writing this, I feel like actually doing this right now. πŸ˜€

    LOVE and LIGHT

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  5. A dear friend gave me this mantra:

    May I be safe and secure
    May I be free from suffering
    May I be truly at peace
    May I live happy and harmoniously

    You can change the “I” to any other person, group, or the entire Universe πŸ™‚

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