The Power of Visualization during Meditation Practice

Visualize πŸ™

There are endless meditation techniques to use when you begin or amplify your meditation practice. One of my personal favorites is visualization. When we visualize, we are connecting to our heart and our mind. We become powerful with our intentions and desired outcome for our meditation. For example: Perhaps you have been struggling with a personal relationship or a personal health issue. Using this type of technique, you can set the intention of a desired outcome. This is when we draw in a positive mindset, or placebo effect at it’s finest! Let’s dive deep with an example. Perhaps you are having pain in your body. I want you to get comfortable and close your eyes. Then visualize a fond memory of you running, or swimming, or even maybe visualize a place you want to visit! Visualize yourself there, now!!!! How does it feel? Visualize that you are pain free! Then, start to “feel” that your pain is lifting, flowing away from you. Do this as many times as needed. It may take a few meditation sessions, but I promise you it will help! If you would like to book a private session with me or join any of my in person offerings, please contact me at or check out I’m also on Instagram and Facebook @meditationwithbridgetm Bridget McMullen on FB Thank you! πŸ™


Author: Bridget M.

I am a mom to two amazing young men and a magical cat, Luna! I'm here to serve the universe by helping others find their light. I am a Seraphic wisdom practitioner and Meditation guideπŸ’œ You can join me for in peron meditation throughout the Sarasota FL area and I have virtual offerings as well! Follow me on Instagram @meditationwithbridgetm

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