How to start a meditation practice right now!

One of the many reasons why I love meditating, is that you can meditate anywhere, anytime, and you don’t need to go out and buy and “tools” to meditate. Of course there many various types of energy tools that can amplify your meditation experience, but you just need YOU! You, yourself, and the intention to sit and go withing for a few moments to however long you need on that particular day. You can use music if that’s what helps you get in the zone or you can just sit and tune in to your surroundings. The most important aspect to meditation, is just to turn off and tune out distractions. Our devices (unless using for frequency music to meditate) and any other stressor.

If finding free time to meditate, I suggest setting your morning alarm clock 10-15 minutes earlier, and just set your intention for a few minutes of mindfulness. You can just focus in on aspects of your life your grateful for, you could focus on your favorite picture or object in your room as well. Keep it simple. You can also go to bed a few minutes early and do the same exercise. I always like to recommend Journaling as a form of meditation. You can have a journal for manifesting, a gratitude journal, or perhaps you write poetry! Don’t over think the Journaling.

Most importantly, there is truly no wrong or right way to meditate. Set yourself up for success by getting to a place where you crave those special minutes of solitude and peace. I promise you, it will transform your life.

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Bridget McMullen lives in Sarasota FL and is a certified meditation teacher and Seraphic Wisdom Practitioner.


Book Recommendation: Raise your Vibration (New Edition) by Kyle Gray

I crave knowledge and learning from others! One of my favorite spiritual teachers, author, and meditation guru, is Kyle Gray. Kyle is truly an angel on earth, and is wise beyond his years. Kyle eloquently shares his beautiful experiences through his guided meditations, as well as his many books, and oracle decks. He is so knowledgeable with energy healing and is also a certified yoga teacher. This book is written for a beginner or new on their spiritual journey, but I cannot tell you how many times, year after year, I go back to his books and oracle decks for gentle reminders and extra support. In the new edition, he shares activations and extra ” vibes of the day”. Either edition you get to read will be a life changing experience.

This book was written for the intention to read one vibe per day and to focus on the exercise/ activity Kyle Gray suggests for that particular vibe or lesson. However, work through the book that feels in alignment to you! I now just randomly flip to pages to read what I need to know in that particular moment. It’s become a form of meditation for me, a mindfulness and meditation tool for me.

Grab yourself a copy today or even gift to someone who might be just starting out to deep dive into meditation or any type of energy healing! I also recommend following Kyle Gray on all social media platforms for daily inspiration and tips! Who are some of your favorite spiritual teachers? What are some of your meditation tips and tools? I would love to hear from you! Follow me on Instagram @meditationwithbridgetm

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What age should children start to meditate?

I get asked this question often, and it’s an easy answer! When they start to sit on your lap and look through books with you, then I suggest to start adding some age appropriate mindfulness and meditation activities. The internet and social media are loaded with ideas and there are videos on YouTube to get you started, however don’t overthink these activities! I’ve put together an easy, quick list of activities to get you started!

1) Nature walk – walking meditation and listening to animal and nature sounds. 2) Pinwheels! Have your child blow on a pinwheel and count with then! This is simple breathwork! 3) Meditate together as a family and set the timer for 5min to start! See how you feel, then you can always meditate longer! 4) Listening to sound bowls! Buy some small ones or watch a YouTube video! 5) Art! Have your child color, draw, or paint! Art can be a fantastic mindfulness and meditation activity.

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The Power of Visualization during Meditation Practice

Visualize πŸ™

There are endless meditation techniques to use when you begin or amplify your meditation practice. One of my personal favorites is visualization. When we visualize, we are connecting to our heart and our mind. We become powerful with our intentions and desired outcome for our meditation. For example: Perhaps you have been struggling with a personal relationship or a personal health issue. Using this type of technique, you can set the intention of a desired outcome. This is when we draw in a positive mindset, or placebo effect at it’s finest! Let’s dive deep with an example. Perhaps you are having pain in your body. I want you to get comfortable and close your eyes. Then visualize a fond memory of you running, or swimming, or even maybe visualize a place you want to visit! Visualize yourself there, now!!!! How does it feel? Visualize that you are pain free! Then, start to “feel” that your pain is lifting, flowing away from you. Do this as many times as needed. It may take a few meditation sessions, but I promise you it will help! If you would like to book a private session with me or join any of my in person offerings, please contact me at or check out I’m also on Instagram and Facebook @meditationwithbridgetm Bridget McMullen on FB Thank you! πŸ™

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Sun Meditation for healing

May this meditation help you wherever you are at on your journey! Please feel free to follow my youtube channel for more meditations and follow me on instagram @meditationwithbridgetm . I’m also on facebook- Bridget McMullen! I would love to assist you on your meditation journey. Namaste! πŸ™