How are YOU healing?

Most of us always start a conversation the same, right? “How are you doing?” Or “How are you feeling?” I was meditating this morning and then this came to me; “How are you healing?” Most of us on this planet are healing and recovering from either the past year and a half (pandemic trauma), physical illness, childhood trauma, mental/emotional illness and/or general everyday stress! If you are reading this, you are healing from something. In an age where we are constantly dealing with judgement from others, step back and just remember we are all working through, been through and living through some challenging times. We must take care of ourselves. How are YOU healing? Do something everyday that brings joy into your life. Turn off the news, stay off of social media for a bit, get out in nature, move your body, listen to your favorite music and try to laugh each day! We are so busy, one might say, “I don’t have time to these!” I would say before you get on social media each day, do a self care checklist! Give yourself 5 minutes of healing everyday before anything else! One of the ways I have worked on my own healing journey is through meditating. Meditation has helped me work through my own anxiety, helps me sleep better, and most of all has opened a beautiful connection to the world around me. I’ve become more aware and mindful of others, animals and issues on our planet. Each human on this planet has their own path and journey. Find something that will help you work through any of life challenges that may come your way. If you’re looking to start a meditation practice or ready to change up your current practice, feel free to contact me! I will be offering in person sessions at #wildgingerapothecary in the #sarasota #florida area starting June 3rd 2021! I am also available for zoom sessions! #namaste Please feel free to follow me on instagram @begrateful73 Thank you so much for reading! Happy Healing!


There is always a way…..

There is always a way to find growth and healing through the darkest moments in one’s life. During these dark times, stop for a moment and appreciate the opportunity that the universe provides for you to shed a layer in your soul that you no longer need. Let go of the heaviness, the guilt, the fear and pain. You will grow, you will heal. You will keep shining your light…. Let go. Ask, believe and be ready to receive! What do you want? What brings you peace and feels like home? The new earth energy is here and is clearing what no longer serves for everyone. EVERYONE. Be at peace and get excited for all the joy that is on its way to you now! And so it is! It is done. It is done. It is done. If you are reading this now, you have been guided to this message and I send you so much love and healing your way. May we all raise the vibration together ! Thank you for reading! Please follow me @begrateful73 on instagram πŸ™πŸŒˆπŸŒŽπŸ’œ

The Universe speaks! (A quick book review)

I have been following Cassady Cayne’s twinflames 11:11 blog for about 3 years now! It’s my weekly dose of energy guidance and honestly, I still get so excited when I see a new one post published and in my inbox!!! Cassady is one of the brightest lights on this planet. She is truly an angel! When I saw her post on instagram that she has a book out, I immediately downloaded and read it! Twice. I have read it twice and have sent some excerpts to my own twinflame. ( I also email some of her blog posts to him as well) He has also become a fan of Cassadys! No matter where you are in your spiritual journey, Cassadys book, “The Universe speaks, Are you listening?” is a must read and a book to use daily to help with affirmations to raise your vibration and help with clearing any blocks you may have and assist with your healing. Within minutes of starting the book, I could feel the positive energy setting in. Please go read this book. Change your life…..and let’s transform the collective together with love. πŸ’œπŸ™ Thank you for reading. Please follow me @begrateful73 on Instagram πŸ’œ #meditate #twinflames #raisethevibration #love

Awakening 2020 πŸ™πŸŒŸ

It’s been over a year since I have a posted a blog. It would cross my mind but I had a “growing year”. Many changes, lots of adjustments, heartbreak and loss. Alchemy at it’s finest. I have been hearing the whispers for so long. I have known my purpose and so afraid to step into the uncertainty of it all. I know I am here to help others not just with my day job as a professional nanny, but during the last few weeks, I’ve seen way too many synchronicities, signs, I have had dreams and last night literally heard whispers of what I’m supposed to do next. (If you’re still reading this…you probably have had some sleepless nights and crazy dreams the past few nights too) or you don’t think I’m so crazy haha! I am here to tell you…..Trust.

I am here to tell you that the entire planet is awakening and all of our vibrations are rising. Even if you cannot understand this or believe in my words, it’s happening. Life will never be the same here on Earth. It will be better. Colors will be brighter, we will focus on joy and love. We will realign to our truth. Joy is our natural state. We are not meant to be busy and materialistic. Happiness is within us if only we simplify and not make happiness something outside of us or that we put on another human or things.

In the coming months fear will try to keep you prisoner. Trust! Trust that life will get better! Simpler, more fun and more love will be in life more than ever. I have found comfort in the following to stay grounded during these transformative times: Meditation, praying, listening to your favorite music, watching funny movies, eating fruits and veggies and your favorite desserts! Writing in a journal, being appreciative of a shelter, food and clean water! Reading books, just finding activities to bring you joy and keep you out of fear!

Keep trusting! I promise you we are all about to embark on a most beautiful journey on this planet. Don’t forget to help others who may need some extra guidance and help during this transformative time. Everyone is on a different journey/path. Please take care of each other, try to eat well, get plenty of sleep, don’t drink too much alcohol (as this instantly lowers your vibration and immunity) Sending love and light to you! Please follow me @begrateful73 on Instagram Thank you!

Let’s try this again! β™Ύ

So last week I accidentally posted a blog post called “transitions”. Not sure how that happend, it was a rough draft and I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not. So, I deleted it! Haha! Anyways, the past few weeks of my human experience has been a whirlwind fused with bliss! Some of our plans have worked out perfectly and some have surprisingly shifted me in a different direction and that’s wonderful too! The transition from Florida to Texas has been crazy, fun and a dream come true! The only yucky thing is I am missing my son, Liam, who left for his basic training in the air force, something fierce. It’s a constant ache I try to keep at bay and stay distracted!

One huge lesson I’ve learned this past two weeks is how to listen to the universe not so much with our ears, but feel the universe communicate to you with physical signs. Do you feel extremely energetic? Then, you are in alignment? Do you feel like shit? Like you’ve been hit by a train, can’t move, sore and exhausted? Then you should check in with yourself….you are not in alignment and no matter what, please listen to the universe! The universe is so much better at taking care of you and knows how to handle details much better than we do! This I know for sure πŸŒ πŸ’œ

Much love and light to you all!

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Missing the blogging world! β™Ύ

Ohhhhhh, I’m really missing the blogging world! I miss writing, I miss reading your blogs and miss the interactions! I’ve been brainstorming fun ideas for future blog posts and I’m looking forward to getting back into the groove of blogging in the next few weeks!

This week however, we have lots of family and friends flying in for my son, Liam’s graduation and grad party! Then next week is our big move to Texas!!! Time is certainly flowing fast around here and then all of the sudden in the mist of my craziness today, I glanced down at my cellphone and bam! As you can see in the picture above, the universe sent me a message through my favorite communication, #synchronicity! Wow! 55% and 5:55! Message received and eternally grateful! Lots of changes are on their way and for the highest good for all! I love the feeling and excitement I feel when I notice these little gifts of synchronicities from the universe! You know you are in the flow and it’s a high five and motivation that you’re on the right track!

I know, I know there might be a skeptic reading this right now. That’s ok! We create our reality, and my reality loves and thrives on the gifts of synchronicities in the forms of numbers, songs, animal guides, random thoughts and serendipitous moments! I hope whatever brings you excitement and child like feelings into your reality, that you receive alot of that tonight, tomorrow and everyday!

Love and light! (Amd I guess I did just do a blog post! Haha!) Thank you for reading! Please follow me on Instagram @begrateful73 πŸŒžβ™Ύ

42 days to go…….β™Ύ

42 days to go……….

Time flies, right? The last few days seem to be going in slow motion for me! I’m beyond excited and more than ready to be in Austin, TX with my significant other, Nathan! As in past posts, I have written about our long distance relationship and well in 42 days, the long distance part comes to an end!

I feel like a child at Christmas time! I just cannot wait to be in our new place together! No more weeks apart, phone dates or missing pains! All this excitement got Nathan and I discussing about the challenges with a long distance relationship. He and I agreed on most aspects, however there were some aspects we didn’t necessarily disagree about, but saw from a different perspective. That discussion will be in my next blog post πŸ˜‰ Anyways, all those challenges have been worth it!

It’s in this moment of anticipation that I truly feel so alive! I feel in complete alignment when I think about all that lies ahead for Nathan and I! Lots of new beginnings! A new job, new places to explore and adventures! I can honestly tell you I have only experienced this feeling a handful of other times in my life so far. I am beyond grateful for the next 42 days and beyond those 42 days. Prior to 2016, I didn’t think I could be this happy or at peace. It’s not easy to get to this place of bliss and as you will read soon in my next blog post, long distance relationships are NOT easy, perfect or for the faint of heart!

Thank you for reading β™Ύ

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5 fast and simple ways to clear out negative energy from your home! β™Ύ

5 simple and fast ways to raise the vibe in your home!!!

It happens to us all…we get tired and we accumulate low vibe energy from our daily lives and we bring it home to our sacred living spaces. It’s important that we not only clear this unwanted energy not just from our bodies to ensure good health, but in our living spaces as well. Energy will accumulate and can cause feelings of depression, exhaustion and feeling just plain yuck! Below are few quick and easy ways to raise the vibe and clear negative energy out of your home!

1) Let there be light! Open those shades and blinds!!! Let the sun and natural light! If you can/want, also open your windows to let fresh air in as well! (Also lighting a white candle represents light!)

2) Purge unwanted items and clutter!! You don’t have to be a neat freak, but you will feel much more in alignment with your place tidy! Also, dust and keep your place sanitary! This also shows the universe that you respect your space and this is huge with self care and self love! πŸ’œ

3) SMUDGE! I am passionate about smudging your living space and yourself a few times a week!!! At least once a month, y’all! You will feel immediate results! Smudge sticks and sprays are available at reasonable prices at your local metaphysical or healing stores or even on Amazon! There is so much information online and in our blogging community on ways to smudge! Please feel free to contact me if you need any help with this @begrateful73 on Instagram:) or leave a comment below! πŸ’œ

4) Turn on and turn up some music!!! Play your favorite music! Anything that boosts your mood and makes you happy! That will also raise the vibe in your home and push out negative energy! Also, playing instruments in your home!

5) You know this one was coming……add some crystals and minerals to your decor!!! They are pretty and will raise the vibe automatically:) please read some of my previous blog posts on crystals for suggestions!


5 and 1/2) Haha! Getting some plants or buying some fresh flowers for your home attracts abundance and prosperity into your space!! You can find inexpensive plants that are low maintenance at many stores! Regarding fresh flowers, I like carnations! I can purchase a little over a dozen carnations for $4.95 and they will last for almost 3 weeks!!! I love all flowers, but those seem to be budget friendly and last the longest!

There are many more ways to raise the vibe in your home and lots of information available! How do you clear the unwanted energy in your home and raise the vibe?

Thank you for reading!!! β™Ύ

What is unconditional love? β™Ύ

What is unconditional love? I suppose the answer may vary as opinions always do. Our 3D world is waking up to self love, soul healing, and self care which is beautiful and will continue to raise our planet’s vibrational frequency! This is wonderful, but to love another human unconditionally is the highest vibration we can send out to the universe.

Is unconditional love easy? If you have children, loving your children no matter what, is easy! You may not like them sometimes, but you LOVE them no matter what, unconditionally.

What about loving another human unconditionally by choice? Or have you been magnetized to love someone unconditionally? What exactly does it mean to love someone unconditionally? I think I’ve got it……

You love them if they are having bad days. You love them if they may not say or do something that you were wanting them to say or do and in fact you may love them even more! You love every single imperfection, you don’t try to change them. Their happiness may even come before your own, because their happiness brings you joy!

I want to elaborate on this, on not trying to change your loved one. This isn’t just for your romantic relationships, but this is for your friendships and family relationships. There is so much judgement in our world with differences, politics, religion, etc……if we could all just get to a place of just loving each other and saying, hey you know, I have a different view point than you and that’s ok! Maybe try to see common ground! Does this make you unlove someone because they voted for a different candidate? Well if it does, then it wasn’t unconditional love.

With romantic love, of course if there is any type of abuse, please understand, that is not love! If someone is hurting you verbally, mentally or physically, that’s not love and get the fuck out! Unconditional love with romance is the most beautiful experience. Your partner will support your dreams and goals and even help you! They should be your biggest supporter! Unconditional love is if you or your partner make mistakes, you have each other’s back and say, we’ve got this…..together! Unconditional love with a romantic partner grows stronger everyday and you will have fun and it will be effortless! (Most of the time) πŸ˜‰ It will be blissful! πŸ’œ

Friendships…..same thing! They will support your successes and have your back in failures! If someone you thought was a good friend and they aren’t supporting your successes, pay attention! Love them back unconditionally, but know they may be struggling with something internally, they may struggle with unconditionally loving you back and that’s ok too! Love them anyway ! πŸ’œ

The most important aspect of unconditional love is that make sure you are loving yourself and taking care of yourself too. You, me and we can’t possible give love and spread positive energy if we don’t have any gas in our tanks, right?

What is unconditional love to you? How do you show love unconditionally? How does your loved ones show you they love you unconditionally?

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Healing with crystals: to believe or not to believe?β™Ύ

Below is an fantastic article I came across about crystal healing. I am passionate about using crystals for boosting your vibrational frequency and for healing purposes. I believe in them despite the scientific evidence that most likely the healing one experiences from crystals is that of the placebo effect. If that’s the case, then that makes for more proof on how powerful our minds can be and we are in fact creators of our reality!

No matter what you believe, here are a few other reasons to have crystals in your life!

1) They are beautiful and created by the earth. A perfect hobby for kids of all ages!

2) They are reasonably priced!

3) Calming and beautiful decor for your space!

4) There is proof on the frequency of crystals, therefore will boost your frequency (depending on the crystal/mineral)

So if you have an open mind, why not try and experiment for yourself and see what crystal healing can do for you! There is so much free information out there to assist you with choosing which ones to use! If you are just starting out on your crystal healing journey, may I suggest what I like to call “the holy trinity” haha! Try crystal quartz, amethyst and rose quartz. You may also want any black crystal such as jet or obsidian to use for protection as well! **** Also, with healing your chakras, using a crystal of the color of the particular chakra you are working on, will be healing! Some crystals are perfect for all the chakras as well!

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Thank you for reading!